In our digital era, the surge in scammers and phishing attacks is a pressing concern that underscores the critical need for heightened awareness and robust cybersecurity measures. As technology advances, so do the tactics of cybercriminals, posing risks to personal and financial security. Navigating this intricate digital landscape, it is important to stay vigilant and protect yourself and your loved ones from scams and phishing attempts.

York Hotel Singapore wishes to advise customers to be cautious of phishing websites, emails, text messages, social media accounts, and phone calls claiming to be from us.

Possible scam scenarios include:

  • Individuals impersonating York Hotel on messaging apps and approach the public with fraudulent job offers. Do note that all available job vacancies at York Hotel are advertised at our official Careers portal, verified job recruitment sites as well as on LinkedIn
  • Social media accounts impersonating York Hotel and publishing fake advertisements, approaching members of the public for their personal data or bank card details
  • Local telephone calls will not begin with the prefix “+65” as these are international calls likely from scammers
  • Messages that include dubious web links which are downloaded as malware such as viruses, ransomware, spyware or adware on your device. This could also be one-time passwords (OTP) upon clicking the link which ultimately tricks the victims into providing personal details

Scam sites and social media accounts impersonating York Hotel will be reported to the relevant authorities for removal.

The protection of our customers’ personal data is of utmost importance to York Hotel Singapore. We would like to advise customers to take guidance from the tips provided by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. Additionally, to find out about our Personal Data Protection Policy, please click here.

Customers may also visit this link to find out more about how they can keep their personal data safe. For more information on scams in Singapore, please visit Scam Alert website

Thank you for staying vigilant at all times.


Effective Date: 11 January 2024